Male Nidoran used Double Kick by Kiriko-Windgeist

Kiriko-Windgeist is one of the handful German artists that participated in our Pokémon Tribute so far. She drew the male Nidoran as well as Ekans. Like myself she likes Wolves and created a lot of art related to these beautiful animals.


“A double-kicking attack that strikes the foe twice.“

Double Kick is a multi-striking Fighting-Type move introduced in Generation I.

The user kicks its opponent two times in succession, with the first kick being the only opportunity to land a Critical Hit. From Generation II and onward, each strike varies in damage.



“Stiffens its ears to sense danger. The larger its horns, the more powerful its secreted venom.“

Male Nidoran is a purple skinned rodent-like Pokemon with Poison-Type moves and attributes. It evolves into Nidorino at Level 16, and will evolve into Nidoking when exposed to a Moon stone.

Both female and male Nidoran are capable of producing Nidoran eggs. They are the only Pokemon capable of doing this during breeding, with the possible exception being Ditto. Though docile in nature, when threatened it will jab its poisonous spikes into its enemies. The poison is secretes is both potent and potentially lethal.



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