Magby used Flame Burst by Naiichie

Naia from Slovenia debuted with her take on Vileplume using Petal Dance in the Game-Art-HQ community and continued with Magby when we started the Gen II Tribute in 2017.


To see her participating in this project was a big surprise since she usually drew human characters and a Pokemon fan art is till today something very rare in her big portfolio you can see here!


Flame Burst

The user attacks the target with a bursting flame. The bursting flame damages Pokémon next to the target as well.


The Flame Burst attack is relative new and became available in the Pokémon Generation V games (Black & White). It does not only deal Fire damage to the opponent on-screen but also damages all allies the enemy with around 1/16 of their maximum HP. While it was introduced in Gen V, we have three Pokemon in our Gen I & II Tributes already that are using the Flame Burst!


Magby used Cross Chop by freqrexy

Bev Wooff / Freqrexy from the United Kingdom creates art since 13 years already and joined our Pokemon Tribute as one of the first artists in May already. In the end she contributed not less than eight of the 151 Pokemon for it in 2016 and returned with her excellent take on Unown in its different forms as well as Snubbull. Magby and Miltank.

She is also one of the GA-HQ Patreon Supporters and helped us to create the galleries by writing the descriptions of many of the Gen II Pokemon or their moves.

You can see a lot of drawn art but also crafted items and even cosplay in her gallery here!

Cross Chop

“The user delivers a double chop with its forearms crossed. Critical hits land more easily”

The Cross Chop is another fighting-type move and was introduced in the Pokemon Generation III games. Beside dealing damage with a power stat of 100, it has also an increased chance of being a critical hit actually.  The first Pokemon in the Pokedex that could learn this move through leveling is the Mankey. The first Pokemon that used the Cross Chop in our tribute was Machoke, followed by Magby!

#240 Magby

“It naturally spits an 1100-degree flame. It is said when many appear, it heralds a volcanic eruption”


Magby is a baby Fire-type Pokemon and the unevolved form of Magmar. It can evolve into Magmar starting at level 30 who can then evolve into Magmortar when traded holding a Magmarizer. Magby is mostly a male Pokemon, with the female percentage of this Pokemon only taking up 25%.

The flames that Magby produces can show its health; yellow flames will show it to be in good health while smokey flames show it to be fatigued. Magby are usually found near volcanic craters but are also known to be living in town areas as well.

A Magby appeared in the Pokemon anime under ownership of a trainer named Satchel in the Silver Conference. Satchel was trying to help his Magby evolve into a Magmar, which he eventually succeeded in in the end. A Magby is also friends with the infamous Pichu brothers and can be seen in a variety of their movies.



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