Koffing used Sludge by freqrexy

Bev Wooff / Freqrexy from the United Kingdom creates art since 13 years already and joined our Pokemon Tribute as one of the first artists in May already. In the end she contributed not less than seven of the 151 Pokemon for it, starting with Chansey and Parasect, up to Koffing, Seel and Golem and eventually Golem, Jynx and Magnemite which was one of the last 10 Pokemon drawn for this project.

You can see a lot of drawn art but also crafted items and even cosplay in her gallery here!


“A Poison-type attack. Has a one-in-three chance of poisoning the target”

The official description hits the nail on the head ūüôā Sludge is a Poison-Type attack since its debut in the classic Pokemon games and has a 30% chance of poisoning the enemy beside dealing damage as well.



Koffing used Poison Gas by TheExileKing

Ross Jones aka TheExileKing is one of the many artists that participated for the first time in a Game-Art-HQ Collaboration Project when he heard about our Pokemon Tribute. I liked his style to draw them with traditional tools like Pencils and the sketchy look makes his three takes on Golbat, Parasect and Koffing quite unique among the 300 illustrations.

I recommend to have a look at his gallery here!


“A cloud of poison gas is sprayed in the face of opposing Pok√©mon. This may also poison those hit”

Poison Gas is another Generation I Poison-Type move and does not deal damage directly but has a high chance of poisoning the opponent.

It had an accuracy of only 55% back in the classic Pokemon games but the move got buffed again and again, today in Gen VII it has a 90% accuracy and also targets all adjacent opponents in double or tripple battles.




“A Pok√©mon that is like a thin-skinned balloon filled with a highly toxic gas. Known to occasionally explode”

The cute looking Koffing is all about Poison and is basically filled with toxic gas, if you use it often, better wear a gas mask already if you don’t want to see a hospital soon.

It can also evolve into Weezing which is even worse, so better be prepared.


Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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