Yanma used Hypnosis by AvanyuDesigns

Lynsey is a big Pokemon fan that joined our Generation I project as one of the last artists and drew a menacing Kingler for it. This year she returned with the strange Yanma 🙂


Have a look at her whole gallery here!




“A hypnotizing move that may induce sleep.”

Hypnosis is a Psychic-Type move that has a 60% chance of putting the opponent to sleep. The duration to which the opponent is asleep from the effects of this move varies.

Because it is a non-damaging move with high accuracy; the effects are more effective in keeping the opponent asleep for long periods of time.

Hypno from Generation I was of course the first Pokemon using the Hypnosis move in this art collaboration!


Yanma used Ancient Power by AClockworkKitten

Pusa from the United States joined our Pokemon Tribute I in summer 2016 relative late but drew not less than three beautiful illustrations for it. Starting with Goldeen, Diglett and finally a super cool Exeggcute one. In 2017 she joined the Gen II Tribute quickly and took the slots of Hoppip, Bellossom and Yanma.


I recommend to visit her whole gallery to see many more cute artworks 🙂


Ancient Power

“An ancient power is used to attack. It may also raise all the user’s stats. “

Ancient Power is a unique Rock-Type move. While it does inflict damage on the opponent; it’s main draw seems to more or less increase the player’s stats. There is a 10% chance that the player’s Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack and Special Defense stats will increase through this move.

Three types of Pokemon are known to evolve from Ancient Power. Tangela will evolve into Tangrowth, Piloswine will evolve into Mamoswine, and Yanma will evolve into Yanmega respectively once knowing this move.

Right now, Yanma is the last of currently three Pokemon using the Ancient Power in our Art Tribute!


#193 – Yanma

“By flapping its wings at high speed, it can fly freely through the air. Even sudden stops are no problem.”


Yanma, is a dual type Bug/Flying type Pokemon and based off a dragonfly. It can evolve into Yanmega when levelled up knowing Ancient Power.

It is a very skilled flier and can even stop midair and hover in place and can even generate shockwaves with its powerful wings. Its eyes are so large that they can see 360 degrees without Yanma even moving its head.

Team Rocket’s Jessie caught a Yanma that she sent to Giovanni but was immediately sent back when he deemed her not good enough. Jessie later evolved her into a Yanmega and entered her in a Pokemon contest, although sadly they didn’t get through to the second round. When Team Rocket went to the Sinnoh region Jessie left Yanmega at Team Rocket HQ because she wasn’t a native Sinnoh Pokemon and it would be seen as suspicious to take her there.


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