Goldeen used Skull Bash by Sony-Shock

Sony-Shock from Spain is an active artist since over ten years already but also joined the GA-HQ community through the Pokémon tribute. He contributed four illustrations for this project, starting with the female Nidoran using the mighty Sludge Bomb and continued with Goldeen, Rattata and finally Moltres.

You can see a lot of very different art in his portfolio on dA, including many own characters he created.


“In the first turn, the attacker tucks its head. The next turn, it head-butts at full steam”

While almost all Pokémon have purely damage dealing attacks, it’s the special ones that make the more difficult matches interesting and often enough a challenge.

Goldeen might not be the most experienced Pokémon but its Skull Bash adds a bit tactic to its movelist already. If used, Goldeen won’t do anything in the round the move was chosen and even lower the defense, but in the following round, Goldeen would execute this strong move that had a power rating of 100 until the Gen VI games. It was buffed up a bit and now has a rating of 130. 


Goldeen used Horn Drill by AClockworkKitten

Pusa from the United States joined our Pokemon Tribute relative late but drew not less than three beautiful illustrations for it. Starting with Goldeen and Diglett and finally a super cool Exeggcute one. I recommend to visit her whole gallery to see many more cute artworks 🙂


“A single-hit knockout attack. Learned only by Pokémon with a horn or horns.“

Horn Drill is a very powerful Normal-Type attack introduced in Generation I. If it connects, it has the ability to deliver a one-hit K.O. to the opponent. Hence why it’s PP usage is very short and the accuracy very low. As it’s name suggests; only Pokemon with horn or horns can use this move.



“Its beautiful tail fin billows and flutters like an elegant dress. Swims at a speed of five knots”

Goldeen is probably the result if you crossed a Goldfish with a Unicorn. This beautiful Water-Type Pokemon evolves into the mighty Seaking. Its German name is Goldini. The last move it can learn through levelling is the Megahorn, one of the moves that were not illustrated in our Gen I Tribute.


Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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