Diglett used Dig by Macuarrorro

Pokémon Spears has come to Game-Art-HQ and did it again..five times actually! 

Omar from Mexico was one of the first 30 artists on board our Pokemon Tribute and we were never sure if he wouldn’t do it one more time. We were Lucky when we got his first submission, Tangela with the Power Whip, and loved his take on Muk with TOXIC …of course. His takes on Dugtrio, Magmar and finally Staryu were all great as well.

This guy loves Pokemon and Britney Spears and I hope he will Gimme More next year.

Check his whole gallery with is full of love for Pokemon here!



“The attacker digs underground in the first turn, then pops up in the next turn to attack.”

The Dig move is an attack used primarily by Ground and Rock Pokemon who dig into the Earth for the first turn and then rise up to attack the opponent. Throughout each generation, it has always been acquired as TM28.

Though effective in avoiding attacks; Dig does not always make the user invulnerable. Ground-Type moves like Earthquake, Magnitude and Fissure can still damage the Pokemon using Dig. And since it is a Ground-Type move; Flying-Type Pokemon are not affected by Dig.


Diglett used Earthquake by AClockworkKitten

Pusa from the United States joined our Pokemon Tribute relative late but drew not less than three beautiful illustrations for it. Starting with Goldeen and Diglett and finally a super cool Exeggcute one. I recommend to visit her whole gallery to see many more cute artworks 🙂


“The user sets off an earthquake that hits all the Pokémon in the battle.”

 Earthquake is a powerful Ground-Type move that deals damage to all non-Flying-Type Pokemon. It has always been acquired through all Generations as TM26.

Both the Power and the Accuracy of this move are at the max number of 100. Hence why the PP is only 10. Any opponent using Dig that is hit with this move will most likely receive double the amount of damage by it.


diglett-pokemon-red-and-blue-official-art “Its head pokes up approximately eight inches out of the ground. However, its real size remains a mystery to this day.”

 Though it can be likened to the green hills seen in Mario games, the Diglett is a living and breathing creature. Its head is the only part of its body that pokes out of the ground; leaving trainers and Pokemon professors alike wondering what the rest of its body looks like.

At level 26 it evolves into Dugtrio; where three heads now sprout simultaneously out of the ground. Whether or not these heads are attached to one body or it evolved into three separate types of Digletts is also a bit of a mystery.



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