Dratini used Aqua Tail by FillyDrawSilly

Micsha Valentin from the USA draws all kinds of cute things but her participation in our first Pokemon Tribute was still a surprise since she was not active on GA-HQ before!

You can see her whole gallery here!


“The user attacks by swinging its tail as if it were a vicious wave in a raging storm”

Aqua Tail is one of the moves that were introduced in the Generation IV Pokemon games and is a damage-dealing Water Type move without any side effects. It can be learned by many Pokemon in the higher levels, Squirtle as example needs to be at level 28 to learn the Aqua Tail. It is Goldeen’s special move in the Gen IV games. 



Dratini used Extreme Speed by drjhordan

Jordano from Brazil is an active artists since over five years and was one of the first people who joined the GA-HQ Pokémon Tribute when it was announced on the 29th April 2016. His take on Lapras was the 3rd submission made for it, and Jordano did not hesitate to claim Nidoqueen on the same day already.

Later he continued his dedicate work for this project with Kangaskhan, Dratini, Ponyta and eventually Tentacool to make him one of the 9 artists that contributed six Pokémon. 

Beside the Pokémon he draws all kinds of art and developed also a good couple of own characters. I recommend you to have a good look at his Gallery on dA!


“A blindingly speedy charge attack that always goes before any other”

Extreme Speed is actually the signature move for Arcanine! A Normal-type move with an incredible power of 80 that guarantees to go first, the Pokemon charges at its target with incredible speed. There are very few Pokemon that can learn this move and Dratini can only get it through breeding.



“Long considered a mythical Pokémon until recently when a small colony was found living underwater”

Dratini is an incredibly popular Dragon Pokemon that is based off sea-serpents. It comes in at 1.8 metres in length which is quite large but is considered to be a small Pokemon, the ‘tini’ part of Dratini’s name being derived from the word ‘tiny’, which it is compared to the massive dragons that it later evolves into.

Dratini was a Pokemon constantly being hunted down (aside from Pikachu!) by Team Rocket in the Pokemon anime to hand to Giovanni.

Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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