MegaMan Robot Masters

The original 6 Robot Masters from MegaMan japanese gamers learned to hate in December 1987. 

Cut Man, Bomb Man, Elec Man, Fire Man, Ice Man and Guts Man.

There are a ton more Robot Masters..but this six are iconic!


Cut Man by Thormeister

Thormaster about the many Cut Man Versions in his work and about his favourite Mega Man game!

 “My pic is kind of a half-tribute to a Japanese Capcom music CD called “We Are Rock-Men” which featured arranged versions of Mega Man game music.

I wanted to include every version of Cut Man there was throughtout all the types of media he had been featured.Starting in the middle and going clockwise from the top, we have Mega Man 1 Cut Man (the original), Ruby-Spears cartoon Cut Man, Mega Man Universe Cut Man, Mega Man Powered Up Cut Man, ’80s cartoon Captain N Cut Man, Hitoshi Ariga’s version of Cut Man from his Mega Man Mega/Gigamix manga, and Cut Man.exe from the Mega Man Battle Network games.


My favorite Mega Man game is Mega Man 2, which was also the first Mega Man game I played. The art style attracted me to this game initially, but the play style really won me over in the end.

The difficulty was balanced just right, it encouraged experimentation with the weapons, and the music was out of this world. The soundtrack is still one of my favorite game soundtracks of all time.



Fire Man by Sannamy

Sannamy about his work, the redesign and his favourite Mega Man:

The paint was made entirely in CS3, at mouse. It took me around 5 hours.

-Why Fireman?

Well he… is a character that doesn’t receive too much attention in the fanart society… as others like roll or iceman (or even almost every MM2 Character)… in a fist instance i was going to choose cut man to redesign, but Fireman sounds more interesting, since I was hearing the anniversary remixed songs of MM, and the orchestral one of Fireman made the final effort to convince me… about how epic is the character… actually it is… his level y filled with lava, volcanic rock, creepy animated flames, an almost unavoidable trap in the final part of the path.


-Why redesign it, and do not use the original look?

Well, i wanted to represent what megaman saw the first time that they fight… I tried to imagine the “meeting with the lord of this firelands”. the original concept was to make a fight between them, but due to a lack of time, i decided to make just the character alone.

-To made Fireman in my style I had to des-chibise him and add lots of details to the armor. So i do start from a more realistic sized man, I know that they are supposed to be child like, but people tend to made the chars, that they love, evolve with them (with the fan, i mean). Is like you watched SwatKats 20years ago and when you realized how much time had pass, you look at the original chars and they do not look as cool and badass as they were years back, when you were a kid… but you want to represent it with all the respect, admiration, fun and emotion that they mean for you… being the old design unable to do it, you adapt the concept to you actual tastes (¿you liked them in the past, why not to make them lovable, for your actual self, again?).

About mega man… well, i played the nes games from the second to the #6… played the first one years later, in “Willy Wars” in my Sega genesis (I had it in japanese, here in Argentina the cartridges came from different sides of the world, so sometimes, we had access to games that north America doesn’t, but they are in japanese, for example, and you do not understand a word.

 Ice Man Robot Master

Ice Man by Ian the Hedgehog


Bomb Man by Joel Sousa

Guts Man Robot Master

Guts Man by ProfessorMegaman

Elec Man Robot Master 

Elec Man by Ian the Hedgehog


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