by Pedro Vinícius

“This is a tribute to Capcom’s Mega Man series, the series began in 1987 with the first Mega Man game released for the NES. This game and those that followed comprise the original series, which has since been followed by several spin-off series ( with the Zero series being one of my favourites. ).

But if there’s something I don’t like about some of the games, It’s that you’ll always get those 1 or 2 powers in each game that are waaaay better than the rest, making the game kinda easy ( I’m looking at you, MM8 weapons ), yet some of them are just completely garbage.”


by Emily Maylone

Mega Man and Roll enjoying tea-time in the garden, unfortunately I couldn’t get in all that I wanted to by the deadline so there’s more I wish I could have gotten in that might get added in at a later date.








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