Dr Wily in his Lab, developing evil plans to finally beat Dr Light and Mega Man?

This 3D Model based Mega Man 25th Anniversary Tribute entry was made by Efraimrdz from Mexico

I interviewed Efraimrdz about his Dr Wily artwork :

Heya Efraimrdz say, why did you choose Dr Wily and not the Blue Bomber himself or one of the Robot Masters maybe? ūüôā

Well I choose Dr. Willy instead of MegaMan because of his possibilities, I mean Villains have so much expression, and personality; and they’re always unique in appearance and vestments. I see them as a great exercise for improving my skills of gesture modeling.


How much time did you invest in your Dr Wily 3D Model and the background? And can you tell us abit about the process? How and where do you start such a piece?

With every work I start by doing a sketch, sometimes on paper and sometimes it’s digital. And I try to figure out how the image is goin’ to be before I start drawing or modeling it.

Next I chose which 3d software is going to be best for it, yes I use different 3d programs for every work, it’s not good to stick with only one because you miss so many good ones. Dr. Willy took me about 2 hours of modelling because of his age and facial expression he had a lot of wrinkles and stuff going on on his face.

Also I wanted the hair to look so vivid and expressive so it took like 3 hours making it. It is a real mesh, it means I didn’t use any hair pluggin, I created a single hair and copyed it all over the head, and then folded it using it’s vertices. The background is esential for the characer to look good it took me like 3 hours to create all the wires and mechanic stuff. The rendering process was about 5 hours from choosing material to rendering and adding postwork details. I must say it depends on the capacity of your PC and the software you use.


You created quite a lot cool game related fan art as 3d renders and models, are you creating fan art as some way to practice and gain experience or is it completely for fun and because you like the characters you illustrate?

Both of them, I really like videogames with any sort of bestiary or enemy database, and I have so much fun creating my favorite game characters; but I also think that it is a great chance of improving my skills. It definitely works, on January it’s goin’ to be 2 years I started creating 3d works and I think i’ve improved a lot from then.


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