mega_man_1_tribute roll vs bomb man

Roll versus Bomb Man & Cut Man

drawn by Project00Wolfen

“The picture is basically Roll heading to Wily’s Fortress and being confronted by Bomb Man and Cut Man. Laughing at her being a girl and not much of a combat robot, Bomb Man tossed a bomb at Roll and she retorts with a powerful swing that sends the bomb streaming past Bomb Man at a fast pace and…lets say Cut Man didn’t see it on time.”



Project00Wolfen also had some thoughts about the MegaMan series and Capcom

Mega Man series

I’m glad that it grew huge and that it kept evolving over the course of time. We started seeing newer characters and an evolving story that sets up hundreds to thousands of years in the future, i.e. Legends. I started Mega Man with MM3 and loved it but the first MM I beat was MM8. It was until 2006 when I got the MM Anniversary Collection to which I played all the way from MM1 to MM8.

I’ve had fun and defeated MM9 later on. I’m still working on MM10. The X series is what really excited me because it had more of a dark theme and action packed in contrast to the child-like comedy of MM. Yes, MM had some conflicting morals that was brought up but X handled it well. My favorites being MMX3,X4, and X8. Mega Man Zero was a new experience.

In 2001, I was only able to play the first one but with that Zero Collection that came out, I was able to play all of them. I’ve enjoyed the story Keji Inafune made and pushed to evolve the characters. He had Zero and MMX die. Something that proves that with a good series, you don’t need the same casting members. I love the idea in ZX as a “anyone can be a Mega Man”.

That way, it just made more characters. I think ZX was darker in sense. Too bad there were only two and there was suppose to be a third one but Keji left. I’m not into the NT Warrior and Star Force versions. Just seeing them pretend to be another Yu-gi-oh or Pokemon just turned me away.


For Capcom, I just feel that it’s a load of malarkey that they announced there weren’t enough fan support behind the Mega Man games that were planned to come out.

Believe this was around Legends 3 but I was all on board for that Mega Man Universe. At least Mega Man X and Zero are in Project X Zone that’s coming out on the 3DS so there’s some hope.

On another scale, they need to stop these business practices because what we believe that we’re paying for $60 games that end up becoming $130 games. Post-production is one thing but already having the game completed but hiding it from others is total bull. Take SFxT for example. For people who bought the game in March should have gotten those 12 characters for free.

To say the least. Just “poof” they’re available for the game. OR they could have made them all available when the PS Vita released. Now, people had to pay $20 for 12 characters.

Paying for the gems is one thing since that expands your game’s inventory but color palettes are free so that’s good. Only thing you should be paying for is Gems and Costumes. Not characters. I don’t know what to say but Mega Man died when Keji left. Too bad he didn’t take the characters with him.



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