MegaMan Game Collection

Beside being a collector and a fan of the ton of MegaMan games out there, Andrew Dickman is also an artist who draw a ton of MegaMan art in the last years! I had a small interview with him about  the collection above, and the MegaMan series:

Hello Andrew, just like myself you are a big MegaMan fan..well when i look at your collection i wonder if there are any MegaMan games or specific versions missing, are there any or is the collection on the photo as complete as it can be?

Hey! Thanks for contacting me. As much as I’ve tried, there are still a few things I’m missing. Specifically I was hoping to get my hands onto the Chinese only Rockman Strategy complete. I’ve seen photos of other folks who have it and I’m jealous they had a chance to get such a holy grail of a game. I figure if I ever find it, I might just go ahead and frame it since it’s such an obscure game, but it was still published by Capcom.
Other than that, there are little things that I’m not necessarily looking for, but if I ever run across them I might as well, such as other PAL versions of the original titles. Not sure how many were made for Europe, but those would be fun to have just to be a completest.
There are however, two big big things I am missing that I hope to someday get, the manual for Rockman Megaworld and a complete PAL Mega Man Wily Wars. Those are tough, haha.
And let’s not forget the Arcade games, which… honestly I know I’ll never get… but… I am saving up for an arcade cabinet hehe.


Since when did you collect the MegaMan games, and what kind of sources did you choose in general for the not so easy to find titles?

I’ve always loved Mega Man stuff, but I never really thought to get to this stage of collecting until earlier this year. I was upset with myself that I got rid of most of my game collection early in life, so I had to rectify that.
I have to thank a lot of my watchers for helping me out on bits and pieces, I will set up a list of who gave me what later, but I mostly checked on ebay and local stores who may have anything. But when it came to really completing the tough to get games, ebay was the way to go.

How many of the Mega Man did you play through and which one is your absolute favourite Mega Man game of them all?

I’d have to say I’ve possibly played about half of the collection I have now throughout my lifetime. But I am planning on playing all of these games at some point for a special project I’ve been planning since I started collecting.
My all time favorite is Mega Man 3, it was my first game ever over being my first Mega Man game ever. So it’s very close to me in inspiration and nostalgia. I’ve been a big fan ever since.


Created by Andrew for the MegaMan Tribute published by UDON

Our Game Art HQ MegaMan tribute to the 25th Anniversary of the first game is also a small statement by us as fans to show that there are still people who care for the games and would love to see a new great MegaMan ..which is not something for mobiles. What do you think, will there be a new big Mega Man title in the next time?

I can speculate all I want, and I can also hope and wish all I want. As much as I feel Capcom has been mishandling the franchise since the whole ordeal, I can only hope that there is some sort of surprise coming up next year. I feel as a fan, it’s important to tell other fans to just keep calm, the more they rage over things, the less likely a game company will comply with their needs CORRECTLY.
We have so many complaints and etc, but what has that done for other series? Look at Mario and Sonic… From all the things that fans have told these companies to do, they get WAY too much feedback from so many different hands in the cookie jar, and that muddles up the process in my mind.

So let’s just keep whoever is working on a project with good faith, give them supportive feedback, and hope for the best, that’s all I can suggest, and perhaps we can see a huge comeback.
Even for as much as I’d love to helm a new game myself.


You have drawn a lot great Mega Man artworks, from tribute pieces for UDON to own concepts, fun stuff and redesigns. I was thinking about organizing a bigger Mega Man Art Project in 2013 but am not sure about the theme yet. I thought about either making it about the many Robot Masters, or the Games, or a new “Design your own Robot Master” Project. Which one would you choose?

ANY project that supports the series artistically and creatively, I would love to be a part of. I think if the series needs any support, it’d be visually. Verbally, it can seem harsh and abrasive, if we show our support in art, I believe that it’ll boost more confidence and make a larger statement.
Spread the noise, draw what you love, love what you game. Let’s make this world a robot world ;)
(with that said, let’s design some robot masters, haha! I’m already going to try and bring my eight back to light)

Thanks for the interview =) this was fun! For Everlasting Peace!



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