MegaMan Anniversary Art

Wow…just wow! This is the biggest MegaMan artwork i have ever seen (and also the biggest fan art on GAHQ so far) and i am glad it is part of our MegaMan Anniversary Tribute.

You see basically all ever important Mega Man versions on this big tribute as well as the main antagonists and other characters like Dr Light.

The History of MegaMan Illustration by Irena, aka Suzuan from the USA meant around 2 weeks of work for her but i am sure everyone just loves the result.

She has also the following to say about MegaMan!:

“I love Mega Man. He’s been an inspiration to me ever since I was a kid, and was the very reason I even started to pick up a pencil to draw. The games are endless and can always stand the test of time! Especially the old school, frustrating retro ones ;) It’s been so great seeing how this series has progressed…! And then seeing Mega Man 9 and 10 shaking the world was total awesome. :) Let’s hope for even more awesome and uncanceled Mega Man games!”