Mega Man vs Guts Man

Mega Man vs Guts Man, drawn by Nick Savino

It’s really no contest once you know what power to use. Here is Mega Man using “Hyper Bomb” against Guts Man. What are you going to do Guts Man?

Seriously, your stage has 2 rocks and then you’re done.


Hello Nick, 25 years of Mega Man, did you play the first parts on the NES or the later ports for the Playstation and other systems?

I only had a handful of NES games when I was a kid so most of the games I played were at friends’ houses. I got to play one of the original games at a neighbor’s house for a little while, but never really played through the series until they released the Anniversary collection many years later.

Because of this, I have more of an attachment with the X and Zero games but I think the original has a certain sense of level design that the others don’t.

 What is your favourite MegaMan game of them all and why?

The music is also much stronger in the old games. I probably have more Mega Man remixes in my collection than any other game. Mega Man 2 comes to mind. I might say that one is my favorite out of the original games.

I also played through 9 and 10 with some friends as we alternated levels. I did most of the heavy lifting on the stages but damn did I suck it up when it came to the boss fights.



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