Yasuo LoL Skin Concept Art

This is the first Skin Concept Art for Yasuo the Unforgiven, the currently newest League of Legends character (Release December 2013) and it is called the “Windthrift” Yasuo. It was made by Asher  Winter Kidd who was featured here some days ago already with his concept skin for Jinx. He wrote the following to describe his idea of the Windthrift Yasuo:

“Windthrift Yasuo is a tying together of the technological advances of Piltover, with Yasuo’s already mastered wind techniques. His charging sheath, tactical armour and lightning cartridges allow him to add an element of electricity to his strikes, increasing his already deadly efficiency. Armour and lightning incorporation developed by the legendary Yordle scientist, Heimerdinger”

You can find more of the works by Asher Winter Kidd below or directly on deviantART

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