Jinx League of Legends Fan Art by Asher Winter KiddJinx from League of Legends, with a Harley Quinn Costume / Skin

This is the second time we are featuring a fan art by Asher Winter Kidd from Australia, and again its from the popular League of Legends. This time he drew the just recently released Jinx who got a fun music video as her introduction and a ton of fan art already, but this one stands out of them all..and thus made it onto Game-Art-HQ as the first featured Jinx fan art!

Asher wrote the following to describe his take on Jinx and Harley Quinn:

“Hey there folks, here’s the newest piece out of my studio. Harlequin Jinx, this is a skin idea incorporating one of the villains of batman (Harley Quinn) and the more unusual aspects of Jinx’s character. The new skin includes the new weapon Monkey Clapper Cluster Cannon. 

Hope you guys like this one!, all comments and critique welcome as always. Have a rockin day!”


That guy sure hows to know how to create some great LoL related fan art, visit his whole gallery on dA here


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