Gnar LoL Skin Concept - Early Morning Gnar -

Gnar – The Missing Link –  Skin Concept “Early Mornings Gnar” by Asher Winter Kidd


Holy Shit! Beside the Harly Quinn Jinx Concept by Asher, this is my absolutely favourite skin concept art from him so far. Gnar is a weird LoL character already anyway but

in this “Early Mornings Gnar” Concept he looks like a crazy nightmare version for everyone who sees him there.

Asher wrote the following about his idea:

“Hey guys, newest skin concept here. I know we all feel like zombies in the morning until we’ve had our coffee fix, so this skin is a tribute to that feeling, especially after a late night of ranked. This concept is Early Mornings Gnar, equipped with his PJ’s and LoL Starbucks. “

Awesome work again, AWK, I recommend all LoL fans seeing this to have a look at the dA gallery by this guy!