League of Legends Skin Concept Art Void Lux

League of Legends Champions Skin Concepts: Today “Void Lux” a darker take on Lux – The Lady of Luminosity


After the pretty light-hearted “Pirate Queen” Skin Concept for Irelia, I wanted to feature this much darker skin idea for Lux – The Lady of Luminosity as “Void Lux” by Carlos Morilla who described his idea with the following:

Now is the turn of Lux, and this is a design I had in mind long before the Void skin to come out of Fizz! and good to see they took the fizz I decided to do at the end.

I think it’s a subject that you feel very good to Lux, change the power of the light from the darkness. At first I wanted to make her style more like the one from Syndra, but history could make Lux been absorbed by the void, and laughter you have in the game, if the distorting stay perfect, hopefully Riot will fix this Skin.”