League of Legends Skin Ideas - Halloweenl Syndra

Since we introduced Syndra the Dark Sovereign a short time ago to Game-Art-HQ, lets feature this League of Legends character with a Halloween themed skin idea / design artwork by Carlos Morilla from Spain, known here maybe for his awesome takes on Ivy Valentine before.

Thought it can also not hurt to give LoL Character Skin Designs an own tag, in the future there might be more added since the game is so damn popular don’t hesitate to click the tg to find a couple more LoL Skin Ideas featured here now.

Syndra is normally a dark mage character, but Carlos gave her even darker colors here and based his design on that of a Banshee and Skulls which remind me at the face-paint I saw in Mexico at the “Dios de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead), loving this design!