Katarina LoL Skin Idea Valkyrie Katarina

Valkyrie Katarina (The Sinister Blade) A Skin Concept of the League of Legends Champion by Carlos Morilla.

In the last months, the most League of Legends Skin Concepts I featured on Game-Art-HQ were from Asher Winter Kidd, so I am happy to share a damn great idea by another artist today!

I love that Carlos made Katarina the Sinister Blade a Valkyrie, the combination of that costume, the Wings and her red hair is super sexy.

He wrote:

I really wanted to make a splash katarina art, and I happened to make a skin-themed Valkyrie. The idea would be to make your ultimate, deployed his wings and began to spin. I haven’t a similar style to that used by Riot, so I did it my way. Hope you like!