Phanpy used Rollout by nabhalim

Phanpy had this really cute design I felt was universally loved! They also became one of Ash’s powerhouses back in the Johto era, and Rollout is also one of their trademark moves so it’s a given that I ended up drawing it!

Nabhalim from the United Kingdom read about our Pokemon Gen I Tribute in summer 2016 and quickly claimed the 2nd Machop spot to draw this little underdog. She returned with the three submissions  of Girafarig, Phanphy and finally Elekid in our Generation II Tribute!

Have a look at her whole gallery here!


“The user continually rolls into the foe over five turns. It becomes stronger each time it hits”

Rollout is one of the Rock-Type attacks that were introduced in Generation II. It has a relative low Power rating of only 30 but it inflicts more and more damage with every of the five turns it lasts. Only Phanpy learned hoe to use it in our Pokemon Tribute so far.


Phanpy used Swagger by ImmortalTanuki rendered by Freqrexy

I picked Phanpy because he seemed to be getting overlooked. He’s a really good Pokemon and his evolved form makes for a tank of a Ground type. I chose Swagger because it, to me, posed a bit of a challenge. There isn’t much to Phanpy’s design that leads itself to mobility. Expressing a swagger with such a stunted, rigid body indeed proved difficult.

The Snubbull was for funsies.


Game-Art-HQ Member Amanda “ImmortalTanuki” J. Belaire is a part of the Game-Art-HQ community since years and also likes to draw the many wild Pokemon out there. Due to kinda tragic circumstances she can’t draw like in the past though and has to use traditional tools like pencils now instead of working with digital components.

The results however are not worse in any form, instead they became something special among the majority of digitally drawn illustrations I think. Freqrexy helped her to render /crop the artworks for our tribute actually so the kudos belong to both of them!


Please have a good look at Amanda’s full gallery here!


“The user enrages the foe into confusion. However, it also sharply raises the foe’s Attack stat”

Swagger was introduced in the Gen. II Pokemon games and deals no damage and is classified as a Normal-type move. It is a really tricky move that will rise the attack of the enemy instead of the user’s one..but it has also the chance of confusing the enemy. The benefit is that it might hit itself with a greater attack power even.

Both Hitmonchan and Phanpy are using this funny move in their arsenal of moves in our art collaboration!


#231 Phanpy

“For its nest, Phanpy digs a vertical pit in the ground at the edge of a river. It marks the area around its nest with its trunk to let the others know that the area has been claimed”


Phanpy is a Ground type Pokemon based off a baby elephant. It is known to roll itself up into a ball to attack its opponents at rapid speed. Phanpy can evolve into Donphan starting at level 25.

It can often be found in rocky terrains and will make its nest in a vertical pit by the river and will mark its territory using its trunk. It also uses its trunk to shower itself, often by a river.

In the Pokemon anime Ash owned a Phanpy that he hatched from an egg given to him for winning a Pokemon race. It was the first Ground Pokemon Ash owned and was very shy and loving from the moment it hatched. Phanpy evolved into Donphan while battling Team Rocket during the Advanced Generation series.



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