Octillery used Octazooka by Macuarrorro

Omar from Mexico was one of the first 30 artists on board our Pokemon Tribute in 2016!

We were Lucky when we got his first submission, Tangela with the Power Whip, and loved his take on Muk with TOXIC …of course. His takes on Diglett, Magmar and finally Staryu were all great as well and he joined in 2017 again, this time with the funny Octillery using the Octazooka.

This guy loves Pokemon and Britney Spears and I hope he will Gimme More next year.

Check his whole gallery with is full of love for Pokemon here!



“The user attacks by spraying ink in the foe’s face or eyes. It may also lower the target’s accuracy”

The Octazooka is basically the signature move of the Octillery and a Water-Type move that deals damage and also has the nice 50% chances side effect of lowering the accuracy of the opponents by a stage. Pokemon that have the Bulletproof ability however are imune to the Octazooka, so be careful if you use this move.

Only a few Pokemon can use this move. 

Octillery used Scald by sir-rudolph

Sir Rudolph, aka Donavon Brutus is one of the artists that joined Game-Art-HQ’s community in 2017 and started to become active members quickly when we introduced the Pokemon Generation II Tribute. He claimed both Donphan and Octillery for this Art Collaboration and also drew Dhalsim from Street Fighter for our Tribute to its 30th Anniversary!


Have a look at his whole gallery here!



“The user shoots boiling hot water at its target. This may also leave the target with a burn”

Ouch! This one looks like a really dangerous move!

Scald is a Water-Type attack was introduced in the Generation V Pokemon games and deals a lot of damage with its Power rating of 80. It also has a 30% chance of burning the opponent and can also thaw a frozen user. 

Octillery is the only Pokemon in our Tribute that uses the Scald so far!


#224 Octillery

“Octillery grabs onto its foe using its tentacles. This Pokémon tries to immobilize it before delivering the finishing blow. If the foe turns out to be too strong, Octillery spews ink to escape”


Octillery is a Octopus like Water-Pokemon that evolves from the Fish-like Remoraid when it reaches level 25, it does not evolve into any other Pokemon so far. 

They are the only known Pokemon that are able to learn the cool Octazooka move naturally and can be very stubborn sometimes. Not the easiest Pokemon to tame!

It is also one of the very few Pokemon that have the exact same name in all the European regions. 


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