Sentret used Attract by Sony-Shock

Sony-Shock from Spain is an active artist since over ten years already and joined the GA-HQ community through the Pokémon Gen I tribute in 2016. He contributed four illustrations for this project, starting with the female Nidoran using the mighty Sludge Bomb and continued with Goldeen, Rattata and finally Moltres.

He was one of the first artists that joined our Gen II tribute and claimed Sentret for it!


You can see a lot of very different art in his portfolio on dA, including many own characters he created.



“Infatuates target, making it harder for them to attack foes of the opposite gender. “

Attract is a non-damaging Normal-Type move introduced in Generation II. It is capable of infatuating the target of the opposite gender of the attacker, making it harder for the target to hit the attacker.

Many female and Fairy-Type Pokemon come equipped with this move already; and it proves quite effective in frustrating players trying to get their best Pokemon to attack when they are being thwarted by “The Power of Love.”

Sentret is the only Generation II Pokemon that used Attract in our Project!

Sentret used Hyper Voice by Koui

 Koui was one of the first artists that claimed one of the 151 Gen I Pokémon last year.

She is a member of the Game-Art-HQ Community on dA since years and contributed a good couple more really cool video game artworks including a Ryo Sakazaki in his classic Art of Fighting look or Adon from Street Fighter Alpha.


You can view her whole gallery here!


Hyper Voice

“The user lets loose a horribly loud shout with the power to damage.”

Hyper Voice is a damaging Normal-Type move introduced in Generation II where the user screams forward devastating sound waves.

Powerful as it is, it has no secondary affects and is easily cancelled out by Pokemon with Soundproof ability.

Both Sentret and Furret are using the Hyper Voice in our Pokemon Generation II Art Tribute 🙂

#161 – Sentret

“It stands on its tail so it can see a long way. If it spots an enemy, it cries loudly to warn its kind.”


Sentret is a small furry Normal-Type Pokemon found almost anywhere in tall grasses and forests. It evolves into Furret starting at Level 15. It stands on its tail to elevate itself for a better view of its surroundings. Nervously and cautiously, it is on the alert for danger so it can send the alarm when there is a threat nearby.

Despite having a name that closely resembles that of a Ferret, Sentret is actually closer to a Meerkat, especially from the way it stands on it’s tail in order to scout out the area. It shares it’s name type with Patrat, both being known as the ‘scout Pokemon’.

Sentret’s first major apperance in the anime was in an episode where a wild Sentret befriended Misty’s Togepi and together they hijacked one of Team Rocket’s robot contraptions, getting themselves into a lot of trouble. Ash and friends as well as the Sentret’s family worked together in order to save the Sentret and Togepi from a machine gone out of control.



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