Voltorb used Charge by Koui

 Koui, the artist behind the Razor Leaf illustration was one of the first artists that claimed one of the 151 Gen I Pokémon in our project.

She is a member of the Game-Art-HQ Community on dA since years and contributed a good couple more really cool video game artworks including a Ryo Sakazaki in his classic Art of Fighting look, you can view her whole gallery here.

“Charges power to boost the electric move used next.”

Charge is a non-damaging Electric-Type move. It’s purpose is to charge up the powerful effects of the Electric-Types moves in the Pokemon’s repertoire of battle skills. If the user’s next move after Charge is Electric-Type, it will have double the effect and cause double the amount of damage.

In addition to raising the effects of Electric-Type moves; it now has the ability to raise the user’s Special Defense stats also.



Voltorb used Refresh by GlitzerKirby

GlitzerKirby is one of the German artists that followed the call and joined GA-HQ due to the Pokemon Tribute. His three contributions cover Hitmonchan, Voltorb and finally Doduo with the Run Away move that nobody else drew for this project so far btw. You can see his whole gallery on dA here!


“Heals poisoning, paralysis, or a burn.”

Refresh is a non-damaging Normal-Type move. It will remove select status effects on the user. They are Poison, Paralysis and Burn. But it will remove these status effects and these alone. It cannot be used to remove Freeze or Sleep status effects.



“It is said to camouflage itself as a Poké Ball. It will self-destruct with very little stimulus”

A Pokemon as a Pokeball? That is what you get with Voltorb, an Electric-Type Pokemon that purposely disguises itself as a Pokeball. It will then evolve into Electrode at Level 30.

No one really knows how they were generated; but it is believed to have come from a freak mishap between electricity and a Pokeball. They are generally found around power plants/stations as they feed off electricity. Do not agitate or make it angry else it will explode. It’s bad news for both the victim and Voltorb; as exploding also costs the Voltorb’s own existence in the process.

Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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