Female Nidoran used Scratch by AuroraLion

Aurora from the USA joined our Pokémon as one of the first artists who did not participate in any other Game-Art-HQ Art Colaborations before. She submitted her take on Jolteon in the 2nd May week already and continued with Flareon and Nidoran in the following months.

If you are a Transformers fan, her gallery on dA is a must-see, you can visit her works here!



 Scratches with sharp claws.”

Sometimes a Pokémon has no time (or is not even in the right mood) to use one of the elemental skills that require focus and concentration, and well..sometimes they just don’t know how to use them yet . The Scratch move is one of the right choices at such a time and simply deals damage without any side effects.




Female Nidoran used Sludge Bomb by Sony-Shock

Sony-Shock from Spain is an active artist since over ten years already but also joined the GA-HQ community through the Pokémon tribute. He contributed four illustrations for this project, starting with the female Nidoran using the mighty Sludge Bomb and continued with Goldeen, Rattata and finally Moltres.

You can see a lot of very different art in his portfolio on dA, including many own characters he created.



The user attacks by hurling filthy sludge at the foe. It may also poison the target.”

Introduced in Generation II and onward as TM Move TM36, Sludge Bomb is considered a more mobile and stronger version of the move Sludge.

The user hurls a Poison-Type ball of filth at its opponent; with a 30% chance of poisoning the target. But it has no real effect on Poison-Type Pokemon; and Pokemon with the ability Bulletproof are completely immune to it.



“A mild-mannered Pokémon that does not like to fight. Beware, its small horns secrete venom”

 Female Nidoran is a light blue rodent-like Pokemon with Posion-Type abilities. It evolves into Nidorina at Level 16, and will turn into its ultimate form Nidoqueen when exposed to a Moon Stone.

Both Female and Male Nidorans can breed to produce more Nidoran eggs. However they are the only Pokemon to produce these types of eggs; with the possible exception being Ditto. Despite their cute rabbit-like appearance; the poison they secrete is highly potent and potentially lethal.

It only does this however when threatened; so handle with care.



Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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