Darknut from The Legend of Zelda for Link's Blacklist

This is the original Darknut in his human Knight-like design from the Legend of Zelda, where they were some of the strongest common enemies in the game, a role the Darknuts had in some of the later Zelda games as well.


CorvusRone from Uruguay  is on board Link’s Blacklist since the start in 2012 and created four amazing artworks for it starting with the Thunderbird boss from Zelda II up to the currently last submission, the Moldorm from the Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds.  Beside her contributions to Link’s Blacklist, she also participated in other Game-Art-HQ Art Collaborations like the Playstation Anniversary and just recently Link’s Friendlist with an excellent take of the old man from the classic Zelda.

Have a look at her gallery over at dA here!


While many enemies in the Legend of Zelda games are fast, attack with the use of the elements or come in big numbers, the Darknuts are mostly a threat because they are strong and can take many hits. The Darknut is relative slow due to them using a heavy armor but a few hits from them and Link is history. 

Similar to many enemy types in the Super Mario games they are only becoming dangerous if Link is directly approaching them. Often they are just walking their routes and won’t follow Link if he is not in their direct field of sight.

There are yellow and blue variations of the Darknuts in the classic Legend of Zelda. The blue ones are faster and stronger and mostly seen in the Second Quest.



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