Darknut from The Wind Waker

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See what happens when the Armor of a Darknut breaks in Zelda: The Windwaker!

Thats what Anna Earley aka Turtle Arts illustrated with her entry for Link`s Blacklist.

The Darknuts were actually redesigned for WW and react in panic when Link is able to break their big and very heavy armor in the game.

It is funny to see that they look quite a lot like big German shepherds ūüôā

Darknut WW




The Darknuts are recurring enemies from the Zelda series, and made their first appearance in the Legend of Zelda already.

Zelda: The Wind Waker was the first 3D Zelda with the Darknut enemy. These were redesigned and looked quite different than their earlier designs.

While they are very heavy armored and have formidable weapon art skills, and can even pick up different weapons, their weak point is the back. Link must somehow try to get behind them and hit like mad to get these big dogs down!

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