Darknut Zelda Twilight Princess

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Like the Darknut in Zelda Wind Waker, the ones in Zelda Twilight Princess can as well lose their armor, but these ones become even more dangerous if that happens.

Since they don`t have to carry that heavy armor anymore their speed increases and they nearly as agile as Link himself. This moment of added speed was what Ford Shipper aka. Mystic-Forces illustrated here with his second entry for Link`s Blacklist after Gohma from Zelda WW

Darknut TP without armor



The Darknut is an recurring Legend of Zelda enemy, sometimes a mid-boss as well.

In The Legend of Zelda. Twilight Princess, their design has again been changed, and this time they are more dangerous than ever before with a bigger armor, high swordfight skills and increased speed if they lose their armor.

Darknut Zelda Twilight Princess Link's Blacklist 2015

LaLa/Volpe/Fox/Launce/SEXY from the USA is participating in Link’s Blacklist since 4 rounds now and created a couple of very creative 

submissions for this art collaboration. The Darknuts may have a weird name but they are serious business in the most of the Zelda games 

they appear in. In Zelda: Twilight Princess they look the most menacing there in those big armors that made them look like strong 

Knights that can beat down Link easily.  No wonder they are mini bosses sometimes. 

Darknut Zelda TP


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