Darknut Zelda Minish Cap for Link's Blacklist

These are the Red Darknut and the Black Knight from The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap drawn by CPTBee from Canada as part of the 4th Round of our Link’s Blacklist Project.

She wrote the following to describe her take on these two powerful enemy types:

“I’m not too fond of the swords, but I’m pretty proud of everything else. I drew both Darknuts on a single piece of paper so even if you were to flip the image it would still look decent.
I feel like I’m getting really close to finding my coloring style, too.

Feels good. Feels good.”





The Darknut in the Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap appears in Dark Hyrule Castle. These armor-clad soldiers are tough and know how to fight. Use your shield and rolling skills to find an opening in their defenses… 

The Darknuts in Minish Cap look and act very similar to those in The Wind Waker.

Darknut Zelda Minish Cap

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