Blizzeta is the boss of the Snowpeak Ruins in the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and a rather unusual boss fight but let’s Joel Sousa the artist behind our first illustration of Blizzeta (and Yeta) describe the artwork with his own words since he did an excellent job already of describing the whole battle and Blizzeta as well ūüôā

My 3rd entry on Game Art HQ’s Link’s Blacklist Round II Tribute!

This time it’s all about the boss of the Snowy Peak Ruins from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. Strangely enough before her transformation she’s called Yeta and is nothing more than a lovable character but things go for the worst when she’s about to hand over a part of the broken mirror to Link!

Yeta Zelda Twilight Princess

Yetal before she got corrupted

The shard of the mirror of the Twilight corrupts Yeta thus turning her into Blizzeta!
Since she’s a victimized character, Link doesn’t use his sword against her. Instead he’s going to use the new item found on the snow dungeon, the Ball and Chain which he uses to brake Blizzeta’s ice shield while avoiding her icicle attacks, until exposing her into the warm sunlight making her return to her former self!

Why I chose this boss? Well as if the sense of isolation and race with Yeta’s husband wasn’t enough to turn this dungeon memorable, the boss fight is sure to impress with it’s unsettling character, unique battle and the scary organ music. Instantly becoming one of my favourite moments in a Zelda game!

As usual I penciled this on a A3 paper, inked it with a roller ball black pen, scanned and then coloured it on Adobe Photoshop CS2

I can’t say exactly wich time it took me because I’ve been skechting and doodling this piece for a long time now until I thought that this rendition was good enough and different from my other artworks. And …Yeah!, while colouring, Monster Hunter 3 ultimate came out for¬† the Nintendo WiiU and I lost it for a bit!


Blizzeta LoZ Twilight Princess for Link's Blacklist 

 Blizzeta Twilight Princess


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