Elizabeth and Songbird in Her Song by_eddy_shinjuku

Elizabeth & Songbird in “Her Song”

bioshock_infinite art by_eddy_shinjuku

Elizabeth in ” Cotton Candy”

From this sunday on forward, there will be a spotlight article about one or more artworks from a Game-Art-HQ contributor, and we start with Eddy Shinjuku, a 27 year old artist from Malaysia who won our Borderlands art contest last year and participated in multiple art collaborations here now with artworks made for the Tekken and Mortal Kombat Tributes as well as a soon upcoming illustration of Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX as part of our “Final Fantasy: Those Who Fight Further” project you will see in a few weeks here!

Eddy Shinjuku GA-HQ Contributions July 2013

Eddy never learned to create art in school, he teached everything to himself but can seriously kick some arse with his illustrations related to Tomb Raider, Mass Effect and many other games. He also created three fan art pieces for Bioshock Infinite and its popular character Elizabeth, The Lamb of Colombia. Eddy himself described his Bioshock Infinite Art Trilogy for Game-Art-HQ.com with the following words:

Elizabeth and BookerDeWitt in bioshock_infinite_by_eddy_shinjuku

Elizabeth in “Freedom Run”

 Elizabeth is one of the most thoughtful and well crafted NPC that I felt guilty for the first time in my 20 years of gaming history when contemplating at turning off the game – she is that real.
My artworks are the very manifestation of the effect she had on me. These three illustration embodies 3 different artistic painting style that each holds it’s own merits at the approach of portraying the essence of Elizabeth in specific imagery.

For instance, My art titled ‘Her Song’ merits a painter-ly style to brew out the drama and emotion of the picture of two best friends who are close but yet far.
While ‘Cotton Candy’ merits a vintage ‘old-photography’ feel to the image that compliments the atmosphere, but foremost Elizabeth herself as her presence shimmers the tone of the artwork with warmth and her bubbly personality.

And my favorite, ‘Freedom Run’, is my personal interpretation of Elizabeth in the game – she is a free soul that her existence is a part of a grande and endless ballroom dance – hence the depiction of her waltzing along amidst of the chaos in a poetical sense.

As an avid gamer, I made this Elizabeth game art Trilogy to celebrate one of the best gaming NPC to date, Ellie from ‘The Last of Us’ might say otherwise but she’ll have to wait for now.


You can find more of his works here on Game-Art-HQ by clicking on the “Made by Eddy Shinjuku” tag below, or you just browse on his gallery at deviantART!

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