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Castlevania Tribute - Castlevania 64

Click to enlarge the Castlevania 64 Artwork by Joel Sousa

Castlevania 64 is the first 3D based Castlevania game and was released only for the Nintendo 64. Normally i write something about the game and the artwork, but Joel Sousa from Portugal who this entry for our Castlevania Tribute wrote his own description:

“Reinhardt Schneider, one of the 2 main characters in Castlevania 64, after surpassing the challenges of the clock tower is surprised by Death itself. The heir to the Belmonts was sure to meet his doom, if it wasn’t for Rosa, a benvolent vampire, a tragic soul who sacrifices her own imortality in order to Reinhardt be able to vanquish the evil that’s covering the land. But only after destroying Dracula’s minion Death with her deadly scythes and soul eating flying fish from hell.

Castlevania 64, as it’s name suggests, came out to the Nintendo 64 and despite all the hate that seems to get nowadays, it actually was well received by critiques back in the day. In matter-a-fact, and I say this fearing for my own well being on the internet :D but I say it proudly nonetheless, Castlevania 64 is one of my most favourite games(well behind Super Castlevania IV and Rondo of Blood); of course it has it’s issues, it’s not near a perfect game but it’s not as bad as the internet makes it to be.
Anyway this is not the place to discuss this and more importantly, it’s only my opinion after all.

With that said, even if you don’t like this one, I truly hope that at least, you’ll all be able to enjoy this picture!

As usual I used a 2HB pencil, ink pens, photoshop and a couple free textures for the castle wall.”

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