Ancient automaton KOLOKTOS

This is one of the weidest bosses Link had to fight so far, Koloktos, some kind of Machine /Robot which is getting activated by Ghirahim in the Ancient Cistern Dungeon from Zelda: Skyward Sword

Joel Sousa from Portugal, the artist behind our first Koloktos illustration for Links Blacklist describes his entry with the following:

“Koloktos is a boss from Skyward sword wich is guarding the Ancient Cistern dungeon. Otherwise deactived is Ghiraim who brings the massive contraption back to life with his cursed magic one last time in order to defeat Link.

This animated armor has two distinctive forms. The first being the one as I depicted above! After Link with his trusty whip defeats the monster pulling his arms off, the automaton will reunite all his parts and pull himself out of the ground chasing Link with 6 huge swords!
I can tell you that this boss became one of my favourites and made me appreciate the wiimotion plus very much. The moment that I though to sweep the legs of Koloktos my body just reacted like I was using a real sword and it worked!It really worked! It was definitely one of many amazing moments that I had with this game!”


Koloktos TP

 This Boss and Weapon is powered up with dark cursed energy, and one of the bosses which don`t explode completely after defeat. Weird enough, Koloktos can be heard laughing before the core of it explodes.

 Koloktos Render

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