Octorok Legend of Zelda

A whole pack of Octoroks decided to band together and ambush Link. They truly overwhelmed him.

” Just like cuccos, they can take down Link if they mob him”

Thormeister is an American artist with a great passion for Nintendo. If you visit his gallery you can see all the Nintendo related media; particularlly in the massive group pics he does of beloved Nintendo characters. This submission of his featuring Link being buried in a giant pile of Octoroks also demonstrates the whimsical and humorous nature of his pics.

You can see his gallery on DA to check out more of his Nintendo goodness!


 Octoroks are submerged terrestrial octopus-type creatures that scurry around numerous places in Hyrule.  Their main method of attack is shooting large boulders out of their snouts towards any interloper that wanders into their domain. From the beginning of the first Legend of Zelda; they were among the first enemies Link encounters on his quest for the Triforce.

Octoroks typically come in two colors; orange and blue. They don’t vary much in attack or strength; but can vary in terms of items dropped. Blue ones tend to drop more valuable items such as bombs, higher value Rupees, and even Fairies. They were clearly designed to be “The Goombas” of Hyrule; hence why they reappear so many times throughout the series.



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