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The Big Octo’s are recurring enemies or bosses in the Legend of Zelda games. In Zelda: The Wind Waker, there are only six of them in the whole game. They can be challenged if Link sails near them. They create a big whirpoll which sucks Link directly to their Mouth. If that happens they swallow Link and spit him out at the edge of the quadrant, so Link would have to challenge the Octo again. Link has to shoot all their eyes to defeat them. There are three different types of Big Octo’s in the game, one with four eyes, 3 with 8 eyes and two really difficult ones with 12 eyes.


PyroFishies who drew our first illustration of these Big Octo’s wrote the following to describe his artwork:

“My favorite enemies of this game are the big octos. They’re just so huge and delicious and cute and….I’ll stop there. The thing is though, they need more love. Seriously.

Imagine playing at like 2AM with it raining outside, you had just gotten the boomerang, and you’re sailing happily along. All of a sudden, the music blares over-dramatically, and this HUUUGE fucking squid thing emerges from the water. The worst part is, it’s dragging you in with a giant whirlpool. Oh wait, that’s not the worst part. The worst part is, it’s one of the 12-eye ones. Yeeeah.

This took a combined total of about 11 hours. When I actually take my time on a piece, it turns out damn awesome. Unfortunately, 6 of those hours were just dealing with clouds and making them look semi-decent….”



Big_Octo TWW

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