moon frrom Zelda MM

 The Possessed Moon from Zelda: Majora`s Mask

This scary looking moon is going to destroy clock town and just everything in the world of Termina. He is possessed by Majora`s Mask and probably the most scary moon ever created.

The artist behind our first Moon entry for Link`s Blacklist is GO-MAXPOWER from Sweden, this and also his Skullkid were part of an own series of artworks dedicated to Zelda MM by him, it was a coincidence that he created these two pieces at the time i started Link`s Blacklist. Thanks again we could add em to our Project @ Max!


Moon Zelda Screen

The Moon is actually not a direct enemy or Boss in Zelda: Majora`s Mask, you can`t fight and defeat it directly, but it means the Game Over if the time runs out.

 Moon from Majoras Mask Render

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