Octorok Zelda Four Swords for Link's Blacklist

This Octorok from Zelda: Four Swords was created by Aphid777

and was one of the three creations not drawn for the third Link’s Blacklist Round which endured between June and September 2013

I asked Aphid about how she created this little cute thing 🙂

“The Octorok I created is crocheted using yarn with felt and needle-felting details.

It’s a relatively simple-looking monster so it was relatively simple to make, taking me maybe an hour or 2 total to figure out how I wanted to design it and to finish it completely.

I think Octoroks are deceptively cute. I remember the projectiles they fire getting irritating pretty quickly, but they are classic type of monster through all the games.”


The Octoroks are recurring minor enemies since the first Zelda in 1986 already with the only game which did not include them being Zelda: Twilight Princess.

They wander around outside, often nearby lakes or the sea of course and spit stones and Link.

They are normally pretty easy to defeat but their stones can become annoying at some places 🙂

Octorok Four Swords

 Octorok Zelda Four Swords for Link's Blacklist 2

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