Elekid used Thunder Punch by nabhalim

Nabhalim from the United Kingdom read about our Pokemon Gen I Tribute in summer 2016 and quickly claimed the 2nd Machop spot to draw this little underdog. She returned with the three submissions  of Girafarig, Phanphy and finally Elekid in our Generation II Tribute!

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Thunder Punch

“An electric punch. It may paralyze.”

Thunder Punch is an Electric Type move introduced in Generation I, and then reintroduced as TM Move TM41 in Generation II. The user throws an electrically charged punch that does decent damage and has a 10% chance of paralyzing the target.

Though it used to work in Generations II through V; the paralysis aspect of the move will not work on Electric-Type Pokemon.

Electabuzz from Gen I was the first Pokemon in our Tribute that used the Thunder Punch. In 2017 Ampharos and Elekid used it as well.

Elekid used Electro Ball by PluivantLaChance

 PluviantLaChance from the USA joined GA-HQ with his takes on Clefairy, Geodude and finally Mankey. In March 2017 he was one of the first artists that claimed 3 of the 200 available new Pokemon slots and started with Quilava, joined by Elekid and Ursaring.

Have a look at his whole gallery here.

Electro Ball

“The user hurls an electric orb at the target. The faster the user is than the target, the greater the damage.”

An Electric-type move with a base power depending on the user’s speed, Electro Ball can be very deadly to slower Pokemon due to its 100% accuracy.

Despite the intense power that Electro Ball can emit, Pokemon with the Bulletproof ability cannot be affected by this move.

Electro Ball was introduced in Generation V which explains that only Chinchou and Elekid are using this move in our project yet!

#239 Elekid

“A weak electric current flows between its horns. Sticking a hand there shocks the unwary”


Elekid is a baby Electric-type Pokemon and the unevolved form of Eletctabuzz. It can evolve into Electabuzz starting at level 30 who can then evolve into Electivire when traded holding a Electirizer. Elekid is mostly a male Pokemon, with the female percentage of this Pokemon only taking up 25%.

It can often be seen out playing in thunderstorms and can generate electricity by rotating its arms around. Elekid can be found living in grasslands.

An Elekid appeared in the Pokemon mini-movie ‘Pikachu’s Rescue Adventure’ who appeared to help Pikachu and friends who were lost when they got separated from their trainers. Ash’s rival, Paul also owns an Elekid that he used to battle Ash’s Pikachu.

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