Smoochum used Fake Tears by LuckyNumber113

Kimberly from the USA is one of the artists that joined GA-HQ in 2017 as a part of the Pokemon Generation II Project. She can draw but as you can see with her take on Xatu, she is also crafting artworks.


Check out her whole gallery here!


Fake Tears

“The user feigns crying to fluster the target, harshly lowering its Sp. Def stat.”

Fake Tears is one of the non-damaging moves and lowers the special defence of the opponent which can be very useful against many Pokémon. It is one of the moves that were added in the Gen III games.

It is a Dark-type move and the only way Igglybuff can learn it is through being bred with another Pokemon that already knows the Fake Tears move and is also in the same egg group as itself.

Igglybuff is actually the first Pokemon that used the Fake Tears move in our art collaboration!


Smoochum used Psychic by PamtreWC

Will from the UK was one of the first artists that joined our Pokemon Gen I tribute back in May 2016 and drew Jynx, followed by Horsea. In April 2017 he joined the Generation  II Tribute with his take on Furret performing the Hyper Voice. Recently he had health problems and I just wish him all good 


He also draws a ton of original Pokemon / Fakemon. His gallery is absolutely worth to visit!


“A Psychic-type attack. Has a one-in-three chance of lowering the target’s Special rating”

Psychic (Known in Japan as  Psychokinesis) is one of the most popular Psychic-Type moves.

It does not only deal damage to the enemy but has a 33,3% chance to lower the Special stats/moves by one stage. Since Gen II it also has a 10% chance to decrease the Special Defense by one stage. The first Pokemon in the Pokedex that can learn Psychic through learning is the Venonat btw. Psychic was one of the most illustrated moves in our Generation I Tribute with five Pokemon using it. 


#238 Smoochum

“Its lips are the most sensitive parts on its body. It always uses its lips first to examine things”


Smoochum is a baby Ice/Psychic Pokemon that can evolve into Jynx starting at level 30. It has a gender ratio of 100%, making both all Smoochum and Jynx female Pokemon.

Smoochum is very conscious of its appearance and can often be found checking its reflection in the mirror. It is also an incredibly active Pokemon and will often be seen running around, tripping over a lot in the process.

A Smoochum appeared under the ownership of popular action star Brad Van Darn in the Pokemon anime. Brad was known for having a wide audience who loved his action scenes in his movies and his producer was worried his tough-guy image would be ruined if it was discovered that he owned a Smoochum. In the end, when it was revealed, his fans actually loved him even more.



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