Quina Quen is one of the playable characters and protagonists in Final Fantasy IX (2000). Quina also appeared in a number of the Final Fantasy Spinoff games for mobiles like Pictlogica: Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy: Record Keeper as a playable character.

Quina represents the Blue Mage Job Class in Final Fantasy IX and is actually genderless. S(he) fights while using Forks as weapons, can become stronger through eating Frogs and can absorb the magic of many opponents by eating them as well.  


Quina Quen from the Final Fantasy Games: an Overview

Charactername:  Quina Quen   Developed /Created by  Square-Enix
Gameseries: Final Fantasy   First seen on:  Playstation
First Game:  Final Fantasy IX   Year first seen: 2000 
Last Game: Final Fantasy Record Keeper (2014)   Birthplace:  
Role(s) and Characteristics:  Protagonist   Weapons: Forks 
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Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of Quina Quen from Final Fantasy



Final Fantasy IX (2000)



Quina Quen in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects

Quina Quen is a part of our Final Fantasy: Those Who Fight Further Tribute to the Final Fantasy series, she was also drawn for our collaboration with OverClockedRemix, the Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart Music & Art Tribute



Selected Fan Art of Quina Quen




Updates and Additions in Quina Quen’s Game Art Gallery and Character Overview

14.12.2017 – Creation of Quina Quen’s first gallery on Game-Art-HQ 🙂