Blaziken uses Eruption by 13alrog 



“The higher the user’s HP, the more powerful this attack becomes.”

Eruption is a volcanic Fire-Type attack where the damage dealt depends on the user’s HP. The power of the attack formula works basically like this: Power = 150 X Current HP/Overall HP.

The power cannot be less than one; so subsequently it varies between its 1 and 150 power base. Needless to say; the lower the user’s HP, the less damage is dealt.

Blaziken uses Blaze Kick by Gladecleaver 

Blaze Kick

“A kick with a high critical-hit ratio. May cause a burn”

As a fighting game player I wonder if this move was inspired by Joe Higashi’s (Fatal Fury, King of Fighter’s) Tiger Kick that looks similar to the Blaze Kick.

This move is one of the Fire-Type ones and debuted in the Generation III Pokemon games. It has a 10% chance of inflicting burn beside dealing damage with a rating of 85. 



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