Pichu used Thunder Shock by XyvernArtworks

XyvernArtworks is one of the few artists from Puerto Rico that became part of the Game-Art-HQ community. Pichu was the first submission by XyvernArtworks for our Gen II Tribute. Wooper and Teddiursa were his next two illustrations!

Have a look at his whole gallery here!

Thunder Shock

“A jolt of electricity crashes down on the target to inflict damage. This may also leave the target with paralysis.”

Thunder Shock is an Electric-type move introduced in the first Pokemon games. It deals damage with a rating of 40 and 100% accuracy and also has a small (10%) chance of inflicting Paralyzed status on the target.

It cannot paralyze other Electric-type Pokemon.

While Pikachu is the most popular Thunder Shock using Pokemon, the artists picked Magneton, Zapdos and Pichu for this move in our project so far!


Pichu used Charm by 13alrog

13alrog joined GA-HQ last year and our Pokémon Gen I Tribute was the main reason I guess. But later he also participated in our July 2016 Art Challenge with a take on Vega (Balrog in Japan btw.) in his design from Street Fighter V. The theme of this challenge was to draw video games that were released in 2016.

He drew Metapod, Kakuna,Butterfree, Hitmonlee and Pidgeot for the Gen I tribute and joined the 2nd chapter in our ongoing Pokemon celebration with Feraligatr, Pichu and Lanturn.

I recommend to visit his gallery on dA as well which you can find here!


“A move that charms the target into complacency, sharply reducing its Attack power.”

Charm is a non-damaging Normal-type move originally introduced in Generation II. It became a Fairy-type move from Generation VI on.

The attack stat of the target is lowered by two stages when Charm is used, which helps soften the blow to a small Pokemon like Teddiursa when pitted against bigger foes. In contests it is seen as a cute move.

Granbull using Charm? Yup, thats something special. 

#172 – Pichu

“The electric sacs in its cheeks are small. If even a little electricity leaks, it becomes shocked.”


Pichu is an Electric-type Pokemon and the baby form of Pikachu. As a baby, it cannot breed and will need to evolve into Pikachu or Raichu if it wishes to do so. It has the lowest base stat of all Electric Pokemon. As a baby Pokémon, it is still inept at storing and controlling electricity, with the electric sacs on its cheeks being too small to contain significant amounts. Trainers that want to live with a Pichu should approach with caution and prepare to take on its unstable electric jolts – so much that it can even surprise itself. It does however find it easier to charge up on dry days or when there’s thunderclouds in the air.

In order to evolve Pichu, one must have a high level of friendship with it to evolve into Pikachu. Exposing Pikachu to a Thunder Stone will evolve it into Raichu. Nintendo offered a free Shiny Pichu for download to US gamers when they launched their Wi-Fi Connection service back in 2010.

Arguably the most notable Pichu seen in the animé would be the Pichu Brothers, seen in shorts prior to the 3rd and 5th movies. These mischievous brothers live at Big Town in Johto and have fun with friends in their clubhouse. They befriended Ash’s Pikachu in one occasion where he got separated from his trainer, with the pair taking him on many adventures throughout the city as they got back to Ash’s party. Their first appearance was in ‘Pikachu & Pichu’ where they befriended Ash’s Pikachu and showed it around Big Town where they resided. They were seen as trouble makers, often pulling faces and acting naughty.

Pichu is the baby form of Pikachu and lives as a ground dweller like the rest of its evolution line. At 1’0″, both this and Magnemite are the joint smallest electric-type Pokemon in the Johto Pokédex – but in spite of its size, it can even shock adult humans!

Pichu is also a playable character in Super Smash Bros Melee, and the only Johto-introduced Pokémon to make the fight roster. Its electric attacks are stronger than that of Pikachu, but it has the side effect of receiving recoil damage from them. This, its poor range and its vulnerability to chain attacks due to its light weight contribute to its very low placement in the Melee tier list.





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