Alakazam used Psychic by oldmonstrosity

Oldmonstrosity from the Cook Islands joined Game-Art-HQ in Spring 2016 and submitted quite unusual video game fan art to our group on dA, when I read that he is interested in joining our Pokemon Collaboration I knew we would be in for a special ride. And his Alakazam is exactly that 🙂

See more of his – sometimes – weird stuff in his gallery here!


“A Psychic-type attack. Has a one-in-three chance of lowering the target’s Special rating”

Psychic (Known in Japan as  Psychokinesis) is one of the most popular Psychic-Type moves.

It does not only deal damage to the enemy but has a 33,3% chance to lower the Special stats/moves by one stage. Since Gen II it also has a 10% chance to decrease the Special Defense by one stage. The first Pokemon in the Pokedex that can learn Psychic through learning is the Venonat btw. 


Alakazam used Psycho Cut by Gladecleaver  

Gladecleaver came out of nowhere..well from somewhere in Singapore and had only a handful of pieces in his dA gallery yet, but we thought, why not..lets see what this artist will do with Alakazam!


“The user tears at the foe with blades formed by psychic power. It has a high critical-hit ratio.”

Psycho Cut is a Psychic-Type damaging move introduced in Generation IV.

This powerful form of telekinesis creates blades out of thin air that tear and rip the opponent. With a power of 70, a high critical-hit ratio and PP usage of 20, it is a very useful attack against opponents. But as per Psychic-Type moves; it does not affect Dark-Types. 




“A Pokémon that uses psychic power. It is highly intelligent and capable of instantly identifying its foe’s weakness”

One of the most recognized Psychic-Type Pokemon, Alakazam is a humanoid looking Pokemon evolved from Kadabra when traded. It is also ultimately the final form of Abra.

The intelligence and memory of this Pokemon is beyond extraordinary; reported to have an impossible IQ of over 5,000. However, its cranial capacity makes it head heavy to keep up; so it constantly uses its Psychic energy to support its mass. Curiously it evolves holding spoons in its hands. This symbolizes its status as a powerful Psychic-Type; as “spoon-bending” is a practice reputed to only be mastered by those with incredible telekinetic powers.

It is also one of the few Pokemon that can Mega Evolve. It becomes Mega Alakazam when finding Alakazite.


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