Metapod used Shed Skin by birdmir

Birdmir from the USA is a very active artist that always wanted to join one of the art collaborations and finally got her chance with the Pokémon tribute. Metapod is the only submission by her but you can see a lot of other nice art in her gallery on dA here!



“Heals the body by shedding.”

Shed Skin is an ability commonly found during the ‘developing’ stage of certain Bug Type Pokémon evolutions. For every turn, there is a 1 in 3 chance that the Pokemon will be able to shed off status ailments; such as Burn, Freeze, Paralysis, Sleep and Poison.


Metapod used Iron Defense by 13alrog

13alrog joined GA-HQ recently as well and our Pokémon Tribute was the main reason I guess. but he also participated in our July 2016 Art Challenge with a take on Vega (Balrog in Japan btw.) in his design from Street Fighter V. The theme of this challenge was to draw video games that were released this year. Beside Metapod, he also drew Butterfree, Hitmonlee and Pidgeot for our Project already. I recommend to visit his gallery on dA as well which you can find here.


“Hardens the body which sharply raises defense.”

Iron Defense is a Steel-Type move that greatly enhances the defense stats of the Pokémon it. The effects of this increase in defense rises within two stages.

A valuable defense move that most players would gladly keep for their Pokémon as it can be used until Defense stats can go no higher.



“Hardens its shell to protect itself. However, a large impact may cause it to pop out of its shell.”

As the chrysalis stage of Caterpie’s evolution, Metapod is all about defense. It remains in this stage starting at level 7, until the metamorphosis is complete and Butterfree emerges as the final form at Level 10.

It is usually in the player’s best interest that they evolve a Caterpie into a Metapod rather than catch one in the wild. Wild Metapods are notorious for having strictly defense moves such as ‘Harden’ and mostly weak attack moves like ‘Poison Sting.’



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