The King of Fighters XIII is a 2d fighting game by SNK/Playmore released in 2010 for arcades, in November 2011 it was released for the Playstation 3 and X-Box 360, till today in 2014, the King of Fighters XIII is part of the EVO fighting game tournaments. Have a look at the official artworks made for this game!


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The King of Fighters XIII Official Artworks from the Console Versions
The Stages of KOFXIII 


 King Of Fighters XIII Group Poster


King Of Fighters XIII Character Renders / Illustrations and Winning Portraits


Andy Bogard

Ash Crimson KOF XIII

Ash Crimson

Athena Asamiya KOFXIII Game Art

Athena Asamiya

Benimaru KOFXIII Official Game Art 

Benimaru Nikaido

Billy Kane KOFXIII Official Art

Billy Kane

Chin Gentsai KOF XIII Official Art

Chin Gentsai

Clark Still KOF XIII Official Art Render  

Clark Still

Duo Lon KOF XIII Official Art

Duo Lon

Elisabeth KOF XIII Official Game Render Art 

Elisabeth Blanctorche

Goro Daimon KOF XIII Official Art Render 

Goro Daimon

Hwa Jai KOF XIII Official Render Art

Hwa Jai

Iori Yagami

Iori Yagami

Joe Higashi KOF XIII Official Game Art Render

Joe Higashi

K' KOFXIII Official Game Art


Kim Kapwhan KOF XIII Official Render Art

Kim Kaphwan

King KOF XIII Official Render Art


Kula Diamond KOF XIII Official Render Game Art

Kula Diamond

Kyo Kusanagi

Leona KOFXIII Official Render Art 



Mai Shiranui KOFXIII Art

Mai Shiranui



Maxima KOFXIII Official Render Art



Ralf Jones KOF XIII Render of the Official Game Art

Ralf Jones


Robert Garcia

Ryo Sakazaki KOF XIII Game Art

Ryo Sakazaki




Shen Woo

Sie Kensou

Takuma Sakazaki

Terry Bogard



Yuri Sakazaki



Additional Art made for the Jasco Card Game based on KOF XIII

Terry Bogard Power Wave KOF XIII Jasco Card Game Art Joe Higashi KOF Jasco Card Game Art Ralf Jones KOF Vulcan Punch Jasco Card Game Art Ikari Warriors KOF XIII Jasco Card Game Art