Mai Shiranui is without question the most popular SNK character, known through Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters, and later Capcom vs SNK.

Mai Shiranui appeared for the first time in Fatal Fury 2 (1992), since then she appeared in all Fatal Fury games except Garou Mark of the Wolves. She joined the King of Fighters’94 character cast and was playable in almost all games of the series including the latest game, The King of Fighters XIV (2016). She was also featured in the SNK vs. Capcom crossover games and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum,  she also made it into Neo Geo Heroes Ultimate Shooting. In summer 2016, it was announced that she would become a playable guest character in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. She joined the game in September.

 She got drawn by some of the most famous artists in the game industry today like Stanley “Artgerm” Lau but also by thousands of other fans of her design and….attributes. Mai is also one of the most cosplayed female fighting game characters today.

In this gallery, you can find a growing selection of the official artworks, and also fan art and cosplays of Mai Shiranui.


Mai Shiranui from the Fatal Fury & KOF Games: an Overview

Charactername: Mai Shiranui   Developed /Created by SNK
Gameseries: Fatal Fury & KOF & Dead or Alive   First seen on: Arcades  
First Game:  Fatal Fury 2   Year first seen in: 1992 
Last Game: The King of Fighters XV (2021)   Birthplace: Japan 
Role(s) and Characteristics: Fighting Game Character   Weapons or Martial Arts Style:  
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Official Game Art / promotional Illustrations of Mai Shiranui

Mai Shiranui KOFXIII UFS Set (2011)KOF XIII Mai Shiranui - Kachousen UFS Artmai-shiranui-from-kof-xiii-ufs-art-iii-by-genzoman

KOFXIII UFS Set  (2011)

Mai Shiranui KOFXIII Art

KOF XIII  (2010)

Mai Shiranui KOFMI2 Art

King Of Fighters: MI2 (2006)

Mai Shiranui NGBC Art Mai Shiranui NGBC Artwork Mai Shiranui NGBC Profile

NGBC (2005)

Mai Shiranui KOFMI Art Classic Design (2004)Mai Shiranui KOFMI Another Design Art (2011)

KOF MI (2004)

Mai Shiranui KOF Neowave Art

KOF Neowave (2004)

Mai Shiranui SNK vs. Capcom SVC Art

SNK vs. Capcom SVC (2003)

Mai Shiranio SNK vs Capcom SVC Profile Art

SNK vs. Capcom SVC (2003)

Mai Shiranui KOF 2003 Art

KOF 2003

Mai Shiranui KOF 2002 Art

KOF 2002

Mai Shiranui CVS2 Capcom Art

CVS2 (2001)

Mai Shiranui CVS2 Art SNK Design

CVS2 (2001)

Mai Shiranui KOF 2001 Art

KOF 2001

Mai Shiranui KOF 2001 Sexy Art

KOF 2001

Mai Shiranui KOF 2000 Art

KOF 2000


In-Game Animations / Sprites of Mai Shiranui




Mai Shiranui in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects

Mai Shiranui is not yet a part of a Game-Art-HQ Community Art Collaboration but will be part of our KOF 20th Anniversary in August 2014!

Selected Fan Art and Cosplay Photos of Mai Shiranui


Mai Shiranui DoA x KOFXIV 3D Mod

by EnlightendShadow


Mai Shiranui “Uncensored”

by Alex Garcia


Mai KOF MI Design

by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

Mai Shiranui Portrait

Mai Shiranui Portrait

by Nic Goh

Mai Shiranui Ryuu Enbu

Ryuu Enbu

by Daniel Vandrell

Sexy Mai Shiranui

Sexy Mai

by Santa Fung

Mai Shiranui the Ninja mai-shiranui-drawn-again-by-tovio-rogers

Ninja Mai & Mai World

by Tovio Rogers

Mai Shiranui Artwork by Francisco Rico Torres

Mai Shiranui Pin Up Art

by Francisco Rico Torres

Mai Shiranui

Mai Shiranui

by Xa-Xa-Xa

Mai-Shiranui-Cosplay-1 Mai-Cosplay Mai-Shiranui-Cosplay-by-Gio Mai-Shiranui-Cosplayer

Mai Shiranui Cosplay by Giorgia-Cosplay

Mai the Flying Ninja

Mai the Flying Ninja

By Dan Howard

Mai Shiranui Nippon Ichi

Nippon Ichi

by 2DForever

Mai Shiranui KOF MI Alt

Mai KOF MI Design

by M. Ansar Ali


Mai Shiranui

By Dan Howard

Mai Fatal Fury Cosplay

Mai Cosplay

byPamela Colnaghi

Mai Shiranui

Mai Shiranui “.PNG”

by Tovio Rogers

Mai Shiranui Fatal Fury

Mai from Fatal Fury

by Pio Paulo Santana



Updates and additions in the Mai Shiranui Game Art Gallery and Character Overview

06.12.2016 – Maui Shiranui  KOF XIV for DOA5 Mod 3D Model Render added

29.11.2016 Third Mai Shiranui UFS Art by Genzoman based on KOF XIII added

07.10.2016 – New Mai art by Tovio Rogers added + new header image