Arrghus A Link To The Past Link's Blacklist 2015
“Time for some Hoooookshooooot!

Super cool boss from a super cool game. His design, color, motion, and strategy was a highlight boss fight in A Link to the Past. And what better way to instruct you of the combat possibilities for the Hookshot?” 

Arrghus ALTTP Battle

Eric “SuperEdco” DeSantis from the USA is a long-time Game-Art-HQ Contributor, Arrghus is actually his third submission to Link’s Blacklist already after he drew the Desbreko from Majora’s Mask and the Buzzblob that was also from Zelda: A Link Of The Past

Arrghus Zelda ALTTP for Link's Blacklist

“Link stepped through the dungeon’s final doorway, his feet making splish-splash sounds in the shallow water. The door slammed down behind him, trapping him with a creature, the likes of which Link had never encountered before. Covered in small cloudlike blobs, the creature revealed itself to be a great tentacled eyeball, the dungeon’s boss, Arrghus”

Arrghus is a Boss from Zelda 3: A Link to the Past and guards the second crystal in the Swamp Palace there. He is some kind of a large Jellyfish and surrounded by many “mini” polyps which are called Arrgi and are protecting Arrghus at any cost.


Like illustrated in the artwork by Arttimo Verne, Link must use his hookshot and defeat the Arrgi using his Master Sword. 

Arrghus ALTTP Battle

When all the Arrgi are defeated, Arrghus will launch itself into the air and start attacking Link from above. Link must show fast reactions to win this battle.

Arrghus returns in a very similar design and battle in the Four Swords Adventure.


 Arrghus Boss

 Arrghus Zelda ALTTP

In Japan the name of Arrghus is Wart and he returns under that name worldwide in Zelda Majora’s Mask. It has a relative different look there though.

Wart Zelda MM

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