Desbreko Zelda MM for Link's Blacklist

The second submission for Desbreko from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask was drawn with a trio of Skullfish’s by Eric “SuperEdco” DeSantis from the USA as part of the third round of Link’s Blacklist in July 2013


The Desbreko is an enemy only appearing in Zelda: Majora`s Mask so far. It can be found there in the waters around the Great Bay Temple and the Great Bay.

The Desbreko is like a more dangerous version of the skullfish and sometimes surrounded by them like in the artwork!

Desbreko Majora`s Mask

desbreko majoras mask

The Desbreko

“If you’re unaware, a Desbreko is a monster fish found only in Zelda: Majora’s Mask so far. It is basically a “King Skullfish” surrounded by a school of skullfish that will all attack you at once.

Destroying a Desbreko will kill all the skullfish in the water however so it’s got a plus side to it”


Image and descriptionby Koui





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