We Are Tekken Art by M. Ansar Ali 

We Are Tekken! –  Asuka, Jin, Heihachi, Kazuya and Jinpachi Mishima are getting ready for their next battle!

Morrigan Aensland by M. Ansar Ali

Morrigan Aensland

When i started looking for interesting art for the upcoming B.B.Hood article, i stumbled upon a few illustrations once made for the Udon Darkstalkers Tribute book back in 2009.

Among them was this quite great illustration to the right featuring both B.B Hood and Jon Talbain, using the  Little Red Hood Theme the character is based upon.

So i took a look at this artist’s gallery and wow…there was quite some impressive stuff there including the other Darkstalkers and Street Fighter character illustrations. And the Tekken artwork for the “We Are Tekken” Art Contest in 2012 above just speaks for itself 🙂

The artist, M. Ansar Ali from the UK draws all kinds of things and likes to participate in art contests but also has a lot ideas for own characters and concepts like is impressive looking series of character portrays you will find just at the top row if you take a look at his gallery there on deviantART!

B.B.Hood and Talbain from Darkstalkers by M. Ansar Ali

B.B.Hood & Talbain

Demitri_Maximoff DS by M. Ansar Ali

Demitri Maximoff

Violent Ken

Ken Masters Flaming ShoRyuKen by M. Ansar Ali

Ken Masters

Chun Li KIKOKEN by M. Ansar Ali

Chun Li

Mai_Shiranui_Alternate_Costume by M. Ansar Ali

Mai Shiranui Alt.