The Last Of Us Ellie and Joel by_kiwa007

Made by kiwa007 from Slovakia


Made by Omar Atef from Egypt

The Last Of US is an awesome game which combined the survival horror game genre with rarely seen before emotional scenes in video games.

It got not only high praise everywhere and most likely is a good financial success, but it also made many fans drawing art related to Ellie, Joel, or the enemies like the Clicker.

In this round up we are featuring some of the beautiful and impressive looking Last Of Us fan arts made by fans from the Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA!


Ellie and Joel wre drawn here by Julia Yang from the USA, she writes the following about the game:

“One of the most thought-provoking games I have ever seen. Their father-daughter relationship was so beautiful!”


Last Of Us Fan Art by Julia Yang

 The most Survival Horror Games today are using Zombies as the common enemies, but the Last Of Us is a bit different.

Llike Zombies often too, the Infected were previously normal humans, but the Clickers, Bloaters etc. here are acting much different than the usual Zombie

..and they are usually a bigger threat than the brain hungry hordes…

Infected Last Of Us by Piotr Foksowicz

Infected by Piotr Foksowicz from Poland


A Clicker by Gilly15 from Canada

Ellie is only 14 year old and has never seen the world before the outbreak. She is imune to the infection and saw friends of her die while she survived.

In the game she has a very strong character and learned to survive..she has no problem to use violence to save her and Joel’s life whenever she has to.

While the most female game characters are mostly popular because their visual looks, Ellie impressed gamers through her strong character design.

It is no wonder that the most artists decided to draw her and did not sexualize her in any form.

Ellie Last Of Us Fan Art by_eddy_shinjuku

by Eddy Shinjuku from Malaysia

Ellie Portrait Art by Rashed AL Akroka

by Rashed AL Akroka from Kuwait

Joel is the primary playableprotagonists of the Last Of Us and around 30 years old.

He was married and had a daughter with the name Sarah, but lost her.

During the game, he and Ellie are developing an Father-Daughter relationship and care for each other like they are one family.

During the game it is mentioned that Joel was once a “Hunter” – a hostile survivor who would rob and kill anyone without mercy.

He reminds me personally a bit at Rick from the AMV Walking Dead series.

Joel LastOfUs by Marie Helen

by Marie Helen from Norway

Joel Portrait Last Of Us by_gerry arthur

by Gerry Arthur from Indonesia

Bill from Last of Us by_sheridan_johns

Even the side characters like Bill or antagonists like David were drawn with  dedication by Sheridan Johns from Australia.

It took around 20 hours to create one of these two artworks.They were done using Photoshop CS5 mostly btw.

David from Last Of Us by_sheridan_johns

Ellie and Sarah by_missxdelaney

The Last Of Us is one of the very few games which can totally go under your skin,

not a few of us started crying while playing it and hearing Joel when he talks about his dead daughter =/

Missxdelaney from the UK drew both Ellie and Sarah here


Cyanineblu from the USA who drew this image shares a problem with myself

” I can’t play it by myself because I get too easily freaked out”

I did not play LastOfUs yet, but goddamn..i know that feeling from the older Silent Hill and Dead Space games too well 🙂


Jessica C. from Canada gives the game a 10/10



It is rare to see a video game aimed for adults in general with a bit controversial and difficult content is liked by so many very different artists from thr whole world.

In this sense, thanks at all the artists who allowed me to display their works there, and to everyone at Naughty Dog for developing this game and being one of the best developer teams working for one of the big three players in the industry and creating unique video game series since around 20 years now!